Winston Churchill (1874–1965)

The inspired leader of Britain during the gloomy days of the Second World War, Winston Churchill spent his entire life in military and public service.

Churchill was the son of an American mother. He was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst. His career had been active both in the military and public life. He had served the Spanish army and seen the Cuban rebellion. He fought and was taken prisoner in the Boer war but finally succeeded in escaping. In the public sphere he had served in different capacities and was also a member of the House of Commons.

At The beginning of the Second World War, Churchill was initially ignored but with German attack on the Western front and Norway's defeat, the people realized that they needed a man of action. They chose Winston Churchill as their Prime minister. His dynamic personality as a soldier and an administrator coupled with his wisdom, and political acumen justified the people's confidence in him. He brilliantly fulfilled the trust reposed in him.

Churchill was a great orator. His war speeches reflect the spirit of the British nation as well as own tenacity of purpose. Although written for that particular time they had a quality of permanence about them. Written in a lucid, direct and incisive style they have a special appeal for the people, especially for English. They are devoid of all affectation and ornate phraseology. He did not use language as mask for concealing the truth. His language was extremely expressive. It mirrored the spirit of the English nation at that time of the war, inspiring them to further action. His brilliant wit as revealed in his speeches brings him out as a man who is ready to face all dangers with resolution and pleasant good humour. His speeches are a reflection of the English nation when confronted with a crisis. Another important trait of his personality was his fondness for alcohol. Alcohol was like a mother's milk for him. He was an indulgent drinker but unlike others he could keep his composure and dignity admiringly.

It is these qualities that make Churchill one of the most admired and most followed personalities all over the world and stamp him as the champion and a great leader.