Generating The Cycle Of Positive Thinking

I spend several moments in my day to saturate my mind with positive thoughts. when you focus on engaging in positive thinking it immediately makes your life more pleasurable, more exciting and upbeat. Many people spend moments throughout their day doing the exact opposite, they engage in negative thinking very persistently, and in turn they feel less pleasurable, less excited, and less upbeat. Being positive involves the same work that it involves in being negative. One positive thought is very likely to generate another, creating a cycle. Just as water droplets attract and form together creating a flow, positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts, and form together to create a stream of positive thinking. Millions of people find positive thinking to be a chore, not realizing that it can be fun, entertaining and very healthy. Today in 2010 it has even been proven scientifically that setting goals for yourself, and thinking positive is a viable method of changing a persons life. Habitual positive thinking impresses upon the subconscious mind a belief system, following a system is the greatest method of generating results i have ever come across. If you want the good things, and desire the best life has to offer, you have to take a proactive role in directing your thoughts on a consistent basis, and i can promise that you will yield faster results and things will fall into place. The universe knows full well what you want, but only if you are clear and consistent at directing your thoughts and actions towards it. I have transformed my life from negative to positive, from low income, stress, anxiety and depression into a meaningful life, full of opportunity, higher income, with healthy vibrant feelings and thoughts. It has done nothing short of magic, and i’m experiencing the other side, where the grass is greener, and the sky is blue. It is not wishful thinking, its really the law of attraction in full effect, and i promise that anyone can experience the very same results if not better results than the kind i am experiencing. Spend 5 minutes a day and think of all the good things you desire, and set goals on how you will achieve them, and you will generate a cycle of positive thinking, which will flow into a stream, and connect into the source from which all the universe connects.


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Thank you for your valuable comment and sweet compliments.