Barbaric Nation

Tears are rolling down from my eyes. My body is shivering and all my senses are numbed. I am writing this post with anguish and sorrow. I am overwhelmed in the most horrific way by the level of indifferent brutality shown by the ferocious people of Sialkot in this sacred month of Ramadan. Just one day after the Independence Day of Pakistan, two innocent brothers, Hafiz Mueez, 15 and Hafiz Muneeb, 17, were beaten to death mercilessly with clubs and rods in cold blooded manner on 15th August in Sialkot.  This nation, I’ll discuss later but first let me discuss the ‘State”

The state is defined as a community of people, occupying a definite territory, organized under a government, which is supreme over all persons and associations. Now if you literally apply this statement to Pakistan, you cannot relate to any thing except “community of people”. Pakistan physically and emotionally does not occupy a definite territory. It is not organized under a government and it is not supreme over persons and institutions. And a deeper observation reveals that we don’t even have a community of people here. We only have apathetic and strange living beings. Moral values, rule of law and humanity are absent.

DPO Waqar Chouhan: We feel ashamed to call you a Pakistani Muslim.You can be acquitted from these courts,but your life will be pathetic in hereafter.Verily you will reap what you have sown here.

 The first and foremost representative of a state is a police man. The police in a country is empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder. The police in Pakistan are known for its torture and abuse of people. Hard policing has been a consistent part of police practice in the country. No wonder District Police Officer (DPO) Sialkot Waqar Chauhan and eight other police officials remained criminally silent spectator and simply kept on watching the two innocent brothers being tortured to death. They rather assisted the wild mob. It is not this bloody bastard Waqar Chauhan who stood silently along with eight other cops when the brothers were being beaten, rather it is the State of Pakistan that allowed this savagery and barbarianism.

Now, we the people. I am ashamed to be a part of this nation that commits such violent acts. I am ashamed when I see 12 year old bastards beating the innocent victims while their elders encouraged and led them. I am ashamed when I see barbarians filming this incident for fun sake and laughing at the condition of victims. They did all this to two teenage victims as if both the innocent brothers had raped their mothers and cut their throats. These ruthless and merciless people belong to religion Islam. Yes they are Muslims by every definition of the word Muslim. And yes its Ramadan Kareem, the sacred month of blessings and mercy. But they are not bothered to maintain the respect and decorum of this month. They take satisfaction by hanging upside down the dead bodies of innocent Muees and Muneeb who both were hafiz-e-Quran.

The state of this nation cannot be defined or explained in words. On August 20, the so called poor flood victims looted relief goods from trucks meant for the affected areas in Muzaffargarh and Dera Ghazi Khan. Tyres of the trucks were deflated and the drivers were taken hostage. A mob of hundreds participated. The mob told a news correspondent, covering the incident, “these things were meant for us and there is nothing wrong in what we have done”. Talk about their suffering and plight. Huh!

So welcome to the jungle. From throat cutter and hate monger Taliban to the wild mob of Sialkot, the majority of this nation is sadist, defeatist, extremist, savage, brutal and literate yet ignorant. Religion is being used to kill each other. Ethnicity divides them where religion fails. Blood thirstiness rules them when ethnic differences ends. Indeed Pakistan has become a wild place where human values have vanished and human blood has become the cheapest but most sought after commodity. My head hangs in shame as I realize that I am a part of this system, this culture of intolerance and this community of man eaters.


tabish said... [Reply]

I am in full agreement with the poster above.
We have no cable connection at our home to keep our kids safe from such horrible scenes, but yesterday i was getting my car serviced at service station and in the waiting room they had a TV set and it was showing these sad incidents again and again. Being a sociologist i was observing the impression on people's face present there and what i found out was either not good.
Most of them were in favour of this type of "speedy justice" but a minority was also had views like me and floydian. It was the hight of barbarianism and cruelty and it is not first of its kinds. We are observing this phenomenon for last many years and in Karachi it happened several time in past.
Now the question arise, why it is so in the presence of Law enforcement agencies ? It seems our people have lost confidence in these law enforcement agencies and it shows the degradation of our social institutions to the last extent. When i was watching these clips, it immediatly came in my mind the taliban style of speedy justice and i concluded in my mind that we all are going to be taliban graduly as our system has fail to deliver !

Sana Tariq said... [Reply]

An update on this tregic incident shame on all of us we live in such society
Sunday, August 22, 2010
LAHORE: Shams Ali, one of the accused involved in the barbaric killing of two-brothers in Sialkot has claimed that he carried out the murders at the behest of DPO Sialkot Waqar Chauhan.

He quoted the DPO as saying, “Go ahead and kill both them. Police will claim the responsibility of the two-brothers’ death and declare it a result of an encounter.”

Shams Ali, one of the men involved in the ghastly act of publicly killing the two-brothers Hafiz Mughees and Muneeb Sajjad, told Geo News that his 12-year old nephew also sustained injuries as a result of firing occurred before the episode of torture on the brothers.

The whole scene of barbarism was carried out ‘at the behest of DPO Sialkot Waqar Chauhan’, Shams claimed.

Asim said... [Reply]

very disappointing incident. whatever the facts were, the matter should have been dealt with legally. I failed to understand why the Police Officials were by-standers while this horrible incident was occurred, and it is rather more disgusting when all this was happending under the nose of Police. Political clout in the matter cannot be ignored as well. whoever they were, they cannot be given carte blanche in this way. Such cases should vehemently be condemned at all levels. Those police officials along with accused persons should be given appropriate dose under the law

zara said... [Reply]

Its really shameful,dreadful story infact. In this time of flood crises, energy crises we cant afford more shameful acts like this. Why we dont care about our image as a nation on international level? Why our government is not playing its role in order to stabilize law and order situation? The uncle of the two teenagers has said that his nephews were tortured for two hours. He said the police has admitted that his sons were lynched due to an enmity. He was talking to the media outside the Supreme Court building.Oh My GOD...they faced torture for two hourse? Suppose if they were robbers, even then no one has right to beat one in such an inhuman manner. And Police admit that there were no record of theft against them.

Inshort, when we as nation are so empathetic that no one even try to save their lives then flood, earthquake is our fate.

Its a shame ful act and must not be tolerated at any cost. SHO and whole hierarchy of Police is responsible for that brutal act.

Allah sab ko hidayat day. (ameen).

karo merhrbani tum ahl e zameen per..!!
khuda mehrbaan ho ga arsh e bareen per..!!

ReeBz said... [Reply]

very terrible and shameful, but nothing is shocking until you are living in Pakistan as every act or brutality,cruelty and enmity is possible here!!

Dia said... [Reply]

@ ReeBz

Yes you are right. Those two brothers were hafiz-e-Quran.They were innocent.There was just a duel, as newspapers and news channels put it, on playing cricket in a nearby playground. They were just teenagers extremely fond of playing cricket. But they way they have been murded is unimaginable atleast in a society, i will not say in a civilized society cuz being a human should be enough for being civilzed and the brutes who killed them were not human beings.
There may be a combination of factors behind this brutal attitude of the killers and that of those silent sadist jerks playing the role of spectators, but one thing has been proved that we have failed as human beings. We well deserve the wrath of Allah. Salam to that sabir and shakir mother of those young boys who has sent her case in the court of Allah cuz it seems impossible in this world atleast. May their soul rest in peace and get a better place to live.Ameen.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jab se ye news dekhi hay suni hay os din se dil bahut bura ho rha hay...herat kee baat tu ye hay kay hamari society es hadd tak safaak aur be reham ho gai hay kay itnay logon me se koi bhe un 2 qatilon ko na rok saka? kisi ne koshish tak na kee? aur un masoom bachun ko mernay dia? jo logg wahan mujood thay kia un ka zameer staisfy hay?

Aysa tu janwaron kay sath bhe nahi kiya jata...kia wo 2 logg itnay hajoom se ziyada taqatwar thay kay kisi ne juraat tak na kee? ye bahut bara question mark hay hamary zehno per..aur khalish hay kay kam he nahi hotee...azab kio na aa'in ham per jab ham apni nazron kay samny masoomo ko marny day rahy hain aur phir jab wo mar gay tu un kee family kay sath ro bhe rahay hain...jab wo zinda thay tab kisi ne nahi socha kay aysa kio ho rha hay?

Allah is qaom par (including me because i belong to this nation)apna azaab isi waqt nazil farma.

azfar said... [Reply]

May Allah's curse be upon those who participated and assisted this brutal act. Very very sad moment.

babar said... [Reply]

Floydian you have stole my words. This is sickening. My heart is aching. My thoughts are with the parents of the victims. RIP Mughess and Muneeb.

Dr Muneeb Shahid said... [Reply]

It is the height of cruelty. After seeing this incidence I have personally concluded that we are animals, not humans. Our souls are dead, not alive. We have no value of a person’s life. We do not look at other women as someones mother/sister/daughter/wife. We do not think that any man is also someone’s father/son/brother/husband.
We are The Pakistan. The Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs. The Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pathans. The barbarian land of 160 million people who consider themselves to be the dearest land of the Lord. The people, who do not value Humanity. The land of insane people who despite watching all the lawlessness in their country are not ready to do anything about it. Everyone in this land least cares about any human being. We Pakistanis are said to be strong from the inside. We do not fear to go out even if our streets are being bombed/citizens being shot at. In actual, its not the strength in the Pakistani people. Its in fact, the insensitivity that has developed after seeing years of lawlessness, corruption, injustice and violence that each and every Pakistani sees around him/her everyday.
Its the pride in us of being something supernatural that has driven us crazy. People need to wash off their minds with the fact that, we as Pakistanis do not have anything in our own hands. We are not even able to defend our country on our own, we are not even able to feed the people or to treat the sick people with our own money; then what is it that makes us so proud?
Its the pride in each individual that has driven them crazy. Proud of being a Pakistani/Arab/Persian/, pride of being a Punjabi/Sindhi/Pathan, pride of being a Rajput/Chaudhary/Syed/Mughal, pride of being a MUSLIM; pride of ones knowledge/status/money/car/house; pride of each and every single thing that one possesses.
Oh ALLAH k Bandoo!! Pride has been your biggest enemy since the start of Humanity. Why does everyone forsake the pride and Satanic Rebellion against the Lord when Angels were ordered to bow to Adam (A.S) and Lucifer denied. Why do we Muslims are proud of so many things when in actual ALLAH Subhana Wa Ta’la bade us to be proud. I ask why? ALLAH Subhana Wa Ta’la has given us numerous examples of wrath that HE sent for the nations that were proud. At numerous places, we are told that on the day of judgment, no one will be spared of if he/she has pride equal to the size of an ant/an atom.
When will we then open our eyes? When will we be stop being proud? When will we then become normal human beings? When??

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i am ashamed at this incident. feeling really sick as well as guilty

Nostalgic said... [Reply]

May Allah the Almighty rest the souls of the oppressed in peace and guide us and give strength to their family members to bear this tragic loss. May Allah's curse be upon them who participated and witnessed this barbaric incident. We as a nation have lost our morale and character and should beg for His Almighty forgiveness before His Wrath diminishes us completely.

Khan said... [Reply]

The tragic incident in Sialkot shows that we have hit rock bottom in terms of moral values set by any culture or religion. Our Police has re-assured our nation that it cannot be our guardian for whatever reasons.

It is a condemnable act but the problem is much deeper than just few people beating those kids in the streets of Sialkot. If we take such other incidents happened in the near past and objectively examined, we see that there is an anguish in the people from all parts of the country which is primarily due to non-functioning or malfunctioning of state institutions. The most important being the law and justice system in the lower courts which remains highly corrupt and cases drag on for years.

I am not saying Pakistani Police is a saintly institution but they have their limitations. While Chief Justice might collect applause for his timely action in this case, it is the courts which set most convicted felons free repeatedly and I can quote ATC setting free suicide bombers (caught red handed) in my hometown only for Police to catch them back. Its about time we collectively study the whole problem underlying such incidents and adopt a holistic approach rather than knee-jerk reaction on media reports.

Police should be made free from political pressure and a system of checks and balances should be made for proper accountability.

It is about time we ask for Allah's forgiveness and give up all the evil deeds that have become part of our culture! No wonder Allah is angry with us.

Asim said... [Reply]

Hang this rascal DPO at the same spot where those two kids were hanged.

M. Mufeed said... [Reply]

This is 'zulam ki intiha". What has happened to the ummat of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). O Allah unleash your wrath on those who committed, assisted and watched this horrific act. Throw these criminals in the worst fire of hell. And reward both innocent martyred brothers with highest place in Jannah. Give patience to the family of the victims. And give hidaya to Muslims of this cursed country.

Dia said... [Reply]

Iqbal There sher may Yeh Jo Zulm Howa hai kuch Kam na The

Na zameen Pati na asman Gira, Mueez muneeb ka tha qasoor kia??

mili une kis jurm ki siza?

Iqbal kya there shehr main ek bi sahib dard na tha?

Liz.A said... [Reply]

Since I came to know of the incident, the single question which has been pestering me is "WHY???!"
My take on the incident:

Asim said... [Reply]

just some 2 know that the boys were alive when they were being hanged upside down and one of them screamed to be shot at in order to end their misery. I just can't control my anger.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

heart wrenching incident

Asim said... [Reply]

Now comes Firdos Ashiq Awan with all her venom and declaring that the boys were professional robbers. I ask her, have you lost all your conscious? Have you lost fear of Allah? Have you lost all shame and respect for humanity? Surely you are a bitch bound for hell and need to get laid instantly with those dogs for whom you are justifying this henious crime.

babar said... [Reply]

Finally there is some light. The official report has declared both the martyr brothers innocent. Now is the turn of Judiciary to hand over the worst possible punishment to the accused including dpo waqar chauhan.

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