Symptoms of Poor Governance

It seems Pakistan’s intellectual cum technocrat society had taken all the responsibility of preaching the so called Good Governance in such a way that even governing principles is considered unaware and intolerable on that features. Almost every day the structure of good governance go under dissection. Some of the salient features of good governance however are mended back to its original place but many remain unattended. Although every person of aesthetic bourgeoisie is well aware about what the terminology “Good Governance” contains with in itself, but the way it is portrayed will either destroy the genesis of governance and if not, than would definitely change the entire constitution of governing principles according to personal agenda

We all know that democracy is based on two core principles; participation and accountability. Therefore, in the light of above observation when there is less or absolutely no democratic prevalence in nation that mean there are leakages or loopholes in governance as well. It means if there is no democracy, there is no governance. Now just imagine, if Pakistan is working under the real democracy then governance is definitely in its good position but what about the criteria when democracy is not in its original position yet governing features are executed and implemented in almost every sphere of politics and economy?

Unfortunately Pakistan’s history of more than six decades is deprived of expeditious execution of accountability and the participation of the people’s mandate by their chosen representatives even after the due share of military dictatorship and democratically elected government.

Whether some one agrees or simply reject, I will say that the complete absentia that the governmental status quo of Pakistan i.e. democracy, good governance, economic affairs as well as social sector is some how incompatible. To give reason in this regard, see how the executive is fighting with the judiciary and media, dealing with army, handling terrorism and flood disaster, managing the economy and foreign relations. The civilian set up is fighting many fronts to be consistent in maintaining the democratic parliamentary system. However, neither the government itself nor the opposition is proceeding according to their mandate.

State power is being used only for the benefit of the ruling elite not protecting the common man. The system of justice has been used to the advantage of the rich and powerful where criminal acts of the elite are accepted phenomena. The misuse of power has been institutionalized by the rise of mafias who gain access to the political system. These mafias use the executive discretion of the political authority in appointments; formulation of public policies; grabbing the state land; disposal of public assets and the purchase of goods and services. Corruption and cheating have become institutionalized and more dangerously are well developed habits

The corrupting and weakening of almost all public service institutions has weakened the public confidence in political structure. Due this large scale alienation of the public has resulted. This alienation has caused cynicism and rejection of the system with serious implications for the future. Participation, ownership transparency and predictability can neither be restored nor ensured as long as alienation prevails.

It needs to be underscored that social state of the society, cultural values and the mindset of the people ultimately determine the acceptance or otherwise of all the reforms and initiatives. If the people are getting poorer and insecure they get even more alienated from the institutions and their managers. Similarly, if the bulk o the population is illiterate, their understanding and confidence in the transparency, predictability and accountability will never be restored.  

To conclude, alienation and cynicism leads to general apathy. Falling rates of participation in the political process is the most important indicator. Corruption does not carry stigma of public shame and any political process is seen as a mere game of the rich and the powerful. All of these symptoms of poor governance can be clearly seen in Pakistan Governance and Civil Society.



Dia said... [Reply]

Cogent argument. Agree with your observation. I must say you write with considerable depth. Great job :)

Exploding Mango said... [Reply]

Brilliant write.

Tabish said... [Reply]

Top shelf article.

ReeBz said... [Reply]

Very analytical once again!

P.S :your style is like that of the newspapers' columns and editorials.Next time I'll definitely keep a dictionary with me =D

Good worK so faR!!

floydian said... [Reply]

Guys I thank all of you for your time and input. Cheers.

I am humbled once again by your encouraging feedback. Thanks for reading.

P.S. Nah! dictionary isn't required if you understand the context.

zubair kalwar said... [Reply]

Zabardast observation i must say. floydian sahab u shud really write for dawn.

ReeBz said... [Reply]

"Zabardast observation i must say. floydian sahab u shud really write for dawn."

agreed! you should!As i said earlier your style is like that of a newspaper =)

floydian said... [Reply]

Zubair K and ReeBz

Thanks. I shall dig this. Awe you made me blush. However, the "newspaper style" (whatever it is) writing fetch you good marks in civil services exam, the sole purpose behind my efforts :)

Asim said... [Reply]

Great write up. From cricket team to flood management, symptoms of poor governance and poor state of affairs can be seen everywhere. The broken bottle reflects that it was half full but now it is going to be empty very soon.

Sana Tariq said... [Reply]

Great presentation and excellent article. 5 stars for this one:-)

floydian said... [Reply]

Thank you both Asmim and Sana.

Mere Drizzle said... [Reply]

analytical, detailed but precise, very well dOne.

floydian said... [Reply]

@Mere Drizzle

Thanks for dropping by and many thanks for your generous comment.

Sudheer Birodkar said... [Reply]

Good observation. You write well.

Emaan said... [Reply]

it's like a layered system. see, wherever you stand, you form your own sort of governance and then abuse whoever is under you. it's not just "government" that is a problem. surely they are quite a messed up bunch of people. but then looking at the private sector for example. they've got money too, and loads of it. but they dont care about a third person's well-being. it's all about making sure that an individual (you) is stable and filling up their pockets. it's with everyone of us.

btw, im jealous of your knowledge and technical grasp of the subject. hail, hail :)

floydian said... [Reply]


You are spot on in saying that private sector too is a culprit and hasn't performed the way it has in other countries. For example the cellular companies in Pakistan can be seen violating all the environmental laws whereas the same companies abide by them in other countries. It is a lose-lose situation.

And yea thanks for the compliment and sharing your honest thoughts. You yourself write with knowledge, experience and brilliance. Cheers.