Posting Break on Weed Media

Dear Weed Media Readers,

I thank Lord of Heavens for my successful result of CSS (Central Superior Services) Examinations 2010. Now I look forward to serve my nation with honor and sincerity. Due to my commitment with upcoming psychological tests and final interview I won't be posting on this forum for some time. However, I'll be back very soon.



Saadia Khan said... [Reply]

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this great achievement floydian. Come back soon.

Liz.A said... [Reply]

Hey congratulations! That's a big achievment on your part Mashallah!Wishing you all the best for the torture they call psychological tests :). Godspeed!!

Asim said... [Reply]

Congratulations friend!!!

Dia said... [Reply]

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Wishing you all the best for the remaining obstacles.

khalid Nasir said... [Reply]


ReeBz said... [Reply]

woww MashaAllah!Congratulatiuons on this splendid success.however we are waiting for you to return with your analytical and critcal eye over Paksitani society.
All the best
Dept of Media Sciences

mazhar said... [Reply]

mubarak ho floydian sab

Amir Asif said... [Reply]

Congratulations! I hope for your positive contribution towards our country.