A Cat and Dog Analogy

We always think of cats in the feminine, I suppose because they usually have kittens. And certainly the mother cat is the most love-able and human of all, a picture of softness and comfort and content. But apart from her lovely motherhood, the cat has many feminine virtues. She contrasts with the dog, whose virtues are masculine. Perhaps in nothing is she more feminine than in her preference for the reality of a thing over its appearance.
The dog pretends much more than the cat. He pretends that he does not see the big dog across the road, or that he wants to fight; all the time he is dying to see his mistress to call him off. He pretends he hates the stranger ringing the bell, and threatens him with all sorts of noises he never means to turn in action. The dog behaves courageously because he dislikes being laughed at. Thus, he gets credit for more courage than he actually has; he bluffs to keep the enemy away.
The cat does not put an empty appearance of ferocity. She is not ashamed to show her fear and runs off when she can, reserving her courage till the last step in feminine desperation. The cat is not hypocritical like the dog. She never tries to conceal her fear.

Dog and man behave bravely because they think they ought, cat and woman because they must. Dog and man display their courage, but are bravest when they cannot reach the enemy. Neither cat nor woman makes her courage conspicuous; she keeps it for where danger is greatest.