Value of Sense of Humour

A sense of humour is that faculty of imagination that enables a man to see the ludicrous aspects of common events or notions.
There are people who always look on the dark side of everything. In contemplating the past, they feel that nothing has gone right. In dealing with the present, they think everything is against them. In looking into the future, they expect the worst. Such people are a burden not only to themselves but to all about them. Others are light hearted and careless, always expecting something to turn up, or someone to do something for them in all emergencies. Such people may find them pleasant company enough, but are hardly less irritating or troublesome to their neighbours  then the pessimists.

Between these extremes are those who are blessed with the sense of humour, men who take life seriously enough if need be, but who yet can find relief in the most trying situations by being alive to their humorous side.

There are three classes of persons to whom a sense of humour is particularly valuable. First, to the able working under someone less capable than himself, or under someone who dislikes him. Secondly, to the missionary ministering to poor and degraded people, where the prospect of effecting an improvement must often seem dark indeed. Lastly, to all who are in high places, where a clear judgement of men and things, and a capacity for keeping cool-headed and not taking offence are especially needed.  

The sense of humour prevents a  person from being irritated by petty persecutions. It helps a man keeping his temper during unpleasant situations. It enables him to bear not only trivial annoyance but even serious troubles with cheerfulness.

The possession of sense of humour will prevent a man from forming a wrong judgement or taking a wrong step. For he who has this sense is able not only to view a matter from all sides, but to see himself as others see him. This will often save him from blundering into an absurd position.

Like other faculties, the sense of humour is innate. It is also, to some extent, capable of cultivation. Possession of such a quality will reward the pursuit of all.