Eight Ways to Beat The Crisis

Many people in trouble or difficulty just won’t move. Some things refuse to go away and if even ignored may even explode in one’s face. So, the first requisite is to accept what actually happened; face what is there; and be prepared for what might happen on the way.

Shutting your eyes is crazy. Hoping for the best is all right, but of little real use just now. Here are eight simple and effective ways to beat the crisis.

1. Act

Inaction believing yourself, stunned by the blow, succumbing to what you believe is fate, are all fatal. Something can be done, however little. Something must not be done is never waste time at all. Try to feel reliant, at least more self reliant, than you did an hour before. Be positive but use common sense, too. In other words, don’t act rashly just because you feel crushed. Avoid being angry or sorry with others.

2. Get Expert Help

To survive, one must be practical. When the dust has settled, start to assess your main problem and then seek expert advice. Doctor, lawyer, mother, father or friend, whoever it is, ask them frankly for their best help. Don’t try to struggle on alone. In any case, most situations need specialized assistance.

3. Make your Own Decisions

After assessing problems and their best solutions, be sure to make your own decisions. Refuse to be beaten, pressured or otherwise forced to take decisions you are not sure about. If there are areas you just don’t feel clear about, make your adviser present the facts clearly. Make your own decisions and stand by them. As Mr. Jinnah said, “Think hundred times before you take a decision but once it is taken, stand by it as one man.”

4. Cut Your Losses

It’s always a hard thing to do, but necessary. Drop your silliest wish and be amazed how well you get on without them. The aim must be to become less vulnerable to things one can easily avoid. So much time and energy can be saved through this. Once you do this, you start feeling less afraid of taking risks for yourself.

5. Fight Self-Pity

It is not only happening to you, and even if it were, then here is your chance to show what you are made of. Face the simple fact that there is no earthly reason why you should be exempt always from disaster or difficulty. Give way to self-pity, and you are immediately weakened for any task in hand. In any form of crises, winning the battle against self-pity is the greatest victory on the road back.

6. Count Your Blessings

Whatever the trouble, no one is totally left bereft. If you want to bring home this truth, just write down the first dozen blessings and advantages you can think of all the love and friendship of others.

7. Have Confidence

Even this will pass perhaps quicker than you think. Remember, thousands of people have successfully weathered the storms a thousand times worse than yours. Spring back you will. Meanwhile, try a smile. It is the quickest beauty treatment.

8. Don’t Hate Others

However much you believe others have wronged you; avoid at all costs hatred, bitterness, malice, the desire for revenge and the likes. You need all to cope with things as they are, so don’t squander it on other people.