Essence of Law in a State

Greek philosopher Aristotle in 350 BC quoted that “ the rule of law is better than the rule of any individual ”. It strikes hard the mind of one who really can think about, and question straight away arises “what is law “? To the very best law can be defined as the protocol or set of procedures which governs the functionality. In very simple statement l aw can be defined or declared as the cause ex-plainer, which simplifies and justifies some action around. It is always explained in or setup in institutional manner

Logic makes things very clear so as the law does the same thing. To apply of rules we need involvement of institutions which always have a basic responsibility of smoothing the functionality of maximum things happening around. Hence, basic need of law is to keep running the institutions smoothly with out any disorder.

Law is very important and acts as basic and primary necessity of human beings. Major reason behind this fact is that law is the defining factor for politics, economics, society and values related to society as all these collectively belong to humans. A set of well defined laws always play a positive roles in the development of any particular society and bad laws always do the opposite creating anarchy and disorder in the society.

The term justice is an action for the well defined law. Justice is the placement of things according to their justification and orders. In society justice defines the relationship and places the functions in right order. So it is now understood that law and justice are defining and governing phenomenon of a system and without it there will be a no force of bond for correct working of the system.

Law and justice can only be practiced if the sense of good and bad is very clear among the system elements. Moreover this sense must be a universally accepted code for institutions of a state. Think of law and justice as a compact box and it will look like as a differentiating factor in that system by making implementations by force of justice.

Law and justice are directly involved in setting up the pace of institutes of a state. Law regulates the operations of institutions by providing a protocol set to follow and justice maintains the balance. Administrative law, human rights, trade, health and international law, these all regulate the respective departments of a state for their true working. Whenever consideration of law is found weak in institutions of a state then there prevails injustice or law of individuals for personal benefits. This situation always reduces the efficiency factor of institutions and promotes the chances of corruption and rule of individuals .when collective efficiency of all institutions of a state is not up to the mark then progress becomes dream.

Examples are out in form of countries like Pakistan and India which are badly indulged in bad law practices. Though Pakistan has managed to lift up the standards by restoring the deposed chief justice and his crew ,but still there are issues of corruption regarding law disorder. on the other hand countries like Saudi Arabia through its strict law and justice system has over overcame the problems and now are on the path of steady progress.If internal system of a state is not up to the standards and not working in accordance with the law and justice, then there are no chances of getting something good out.

In conclusion, a state in order to create a better image for itself as the ultimate reflection of the individual must practice rule of law by evolving and ensuring justice.