Love Quarrels and Relationship Advice

Every relationship suffers from those ‘broken record’ moments when you feel like you have had the same quarrel a million times over. But chances are that there is more to your regular rowing than meets the eye.


Flirting is fine as long as both the partners are OK with it. But when your boyfriend or girlfriend knows you don’t like it, you must ask yourself why he or her acts up. Its possible that your partner flirts due to want of attention from you. If this is the case, just confronting him or her won’t fix the problem. Instead, try understanding your partner's point of view and boosting confidence.

Friends of Your Partner

Fed up of explaining why you get so upset when your friend’s quick “half-night” turns into an “all-night”? Actually, women more than men are guilty about asking to see more of their men, but this is about “respect”. Switch the usual ‘leaving abusing messages on his or her voicemail’ approach for something formal like asking face to face, “is this relationship important to you?” Taking a serious stance should make your love think more carefully.


Conflicts about cash can be rooted in trust business. You must rely on one another to stick to decisions you make together. But what if the partner is bad with money ? Consider that by playing your strengths and working as a team, you’re not left resenting the responsibility.


Does it really matter if you have a five year plan while your love doesn’t even know what she or he is having for a tea? Its important to think about your future but if commitment scare your partner, then take him or her slowly. For example try booking next year’s holiday and take it from there. But if you have different views on bigger issues like marriage and children, you need to decide if the relationship is really for you.


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