Kashmir Violence: The Voice of a Neglected People

Unprecedented tensions have erupted in Kashmir since June. Tens of thousands of Kashmiris are protesting in mass rallies demanding an end to unjust Indian occupation of the valley.  Around 100 people, mostly civilians have been killed as Indian security forces have tried to crush the protests.  These deaths are in addition to 60,000 Kashmiris who have been slain since 1989. Indian government is blaming hardline separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman of the moderate faction of Hurriyat Conference, of stoking the violence. A case has already been registered against him. 
We Want Freedom

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Srinagar on Eid Day alone. They held up banners which read "Go India go back home no more compromise at all we want freedom".   The Kashmiris also hoisted Pakistani flags atop of Clock Tower, situated in the centre of the Sprawling Square. 

It is pertinent to note that Indian security forces are now operating under Armed Forces Special Powers Act in four districts of the region. The Act gives Indian army and paramilitary troops sweeping powers to open fire, search houses, detain suspects and confiscate property, as well as protecting soldiers from prosecution.the law encourages abuses by the security forces and adds to a sense of occupation in the highly militarised region. India has moved thousands of paramilitary troops and police across Srinagar and in other towns to enforce the strict curfew. However, the brave Kashmiri youth is defying the curfew and risking their lives for want of Independence from the illegal Indian occupation of the valley.
Indian Brutality

The criminal silence over recent Indian brutality in Kashmir by the world media and leading opinion makers is conspicuous by its absence. Perhaps they assume that "democratic" India, a natural ally of the "liberal" west, must be doing the right thing in Kashmir, ie fighting "Islamofascism". No statements of concern or cautious are issued by the leaders of the free world. The European Union and the U.S, the so called champions of human rights and freedom, are acting in concert with the Indian government to deny any legitimacy to protests in Kashmir.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq leading from the front
Geographically, politically and emotionally Kashmir is closer to Pakistan than India. The valley is an extension of Punjab plateau towards the north because Pakistan's three rivers namely, Indus, Jehelum and Chenab have their sources and catchment areas in the mountains of Kashmir. Pakistan's democracy of hypocrisy  maintains its low profile muted reaction over the current Kashmir unrest. But what can you expect from bunch of indifferent thieves for whom power and public mandate is all beer and skittles? And what about the Muslim dominated Arab world and other Islamic countries that are not bothered by the sufferings of the Kashmiris Muslims? Today, in the entire Muslim world, leadership is suffering from the most acute form of impotency. One wonders, how long will it take the the voice of a neglected people of Kashmir people to finally penetrate our indifference and even  twinge our conscience?


UF said... [Reply]

There is a yawning gap between the government and the governed in the Kashmir Valley. The protests in the Valley are more a battle of wits and ideas rather than a law and order problem.

Maharashtran said... [Reply]

Separist leaders are to be wiped out by Indian Army like Baloochi separists leaders wiped out by Pakistani army tanks. Then only a lasting solution is possible in Kashmir.

A Kasmiri said... [Reply]

Was mahatama ghandhi wiped up?. How come you order from mumbai to wipe the leader of masses? You are definitely deaf, dumb and blind.

Asim said... [Reply]

Shame on India's naked barbarianism and vulgar occupation of the Kashmir valley. We stand with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters for their rightful demand of deserved freedom from the yoke of India's illegitimate occupation. Free Kashmir now. You listening Indian pigs???