Pakistan's Last Hope of Democracy and Good Governance?

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Finally, General (R) Pervez Musharraf clearly and openly announced that he is coming to Pakistan to regenerate  the culture of democracy and restore hope to the people of Pakistan. He said that he is 200% sure that he is going to participate in the next elections (which may happen sooner rather than later). He further went on to criticize the present government, led by Pakistan Peoples Party, for faking democracy and hence spreading "darkness all over." Musharraf conceded that he is unsure of becoming Pakistan's President once again. But he said that he has a good chance of winning the elections by creating his own party. 

By daring to risk his life by coming back to Pakistan, he once again proved that he is a brave and patriotic leader. He also said that he is ready to face all the fabricated allegations leveled against him in the courts.

Pakistan is faced with a complex multi-dimensional governance crisis of staggering proportions. Matters have grown worse this time. The Pakistani state is malfunctioning. The present government's slide into gross political mismanagement, corruption and indifference is deteriorating its relations with the general masses. In this scenario, Musharraf's come back into the Pakistani political arena through democratic means might receive wide and enthusiastic public support. The change will augur well for the future of Pakistan. This is due to the fact that Pakistan needs a visionary leader for the survival of democracy, continuity of reforms, end to sectarianism and extremism, and to fulfill the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 

Achieving objectives of good governance requires visionary and status-quo breaking changes in the government system. Musharraf in his lectures has repeatedly expressed his desire to tackle the problems faced by Pakistan in a serious and systematic manner by reforming the economy, the federation and building true democracy by primarily focusing on governance issues. He seemed sincere in tackling the problems which Angelina Jolie highlighted during her recent visit to Pakistan. His coming back to politics in a true democratic spirit would also set a proper and new precedent for the aspiring army generals wanting to steer the ship of the state out of crisis created by the inept and corrupt political leaders.  


K.B. Choudhary said... [Reply]

What good he did to the country? How can a dictator be our last hope for democracy and good governance?
He is responsible for putting the energy sector into disaster,leaving talibans operate terrorism, throwing out the elected party from govt, imposing illegal emergency, promulgating notorious N.R.O.,throwing out chief justice of pakistan, for arresting the CJ,ALONG WITH HIS FAIMLY MEMBERS,in house.

khalid Nasir said... [Reply]

I personally feel that Pervaiz Musharaf is the only solution of the current issues in Pakistan. He must come back in the larger interest of the nation. He should come in power through public support. I am sure all patriot political parties and general public would support him

syed shahbaz hamdani said... [Reply]

Sir i am big fan of u. you are the best leader ever and ever. i like ur policies . you are the brave leader.please come pakistan polities i am waiting foru you are my personalty .God and pench_Dan_pak bless u

floydian said... [Reply]

@K.B. Choudhary
His performance speaks for himself.He gave us identity (i.e. for you convenience…computerized identity cards). He gave us democracy, independent judiciary and held the most free and fair, if not perfect, elections. He also gave us a free and vibrant media, Nadra, enlightened moderation, strong economy, JF-Thunder, an independent anti-corruption organization (recovered more than Rs. 240 billions), rule of law and provided employment to millions of Pakistanis.

We need a strong, visionary, coherent and honest leadership. Musharraf has all these qualities. He must be allowed to come back and given a chance to participate in the elections. I think we should welcome him once again and let him prove his worth in a democratic fashion. If you don't want him then don't vote for him in the next elections.

Asim said... [Reply]

General Pervez Musharaf’s tenure was one of the glorious regimes in the history of Pakistan. I came across a program India Conclave and I had to accept his wisdom and power of speech. His replies to Indian intellectuals were awesome and his bravery inside India without being a head of the state is worthy to mention.

The people who possess the guts of leadership have ability to capture the power. Pervez Musharaf is a genius person and acted timely to rule Pakistan. No doubt he was one of the ablest rules of his time and during his tenure the world witnessed the prominence of Pakistan in the global politics.

His some blunders like attack on Jama-e-Hafsa, Balochistan Issue, Killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti – a veteran leader, made him disputed and ultimately downfall of his regime. Moreover, inclusion of corrupt politicians in King’s Party caused for his ultimate collapse.

Pakistan still needs a ruler like Pervez Musharaf – he has to avoid previous mistakes. Our country can’t tolerate such a huge cabinet. There should be one man rule with smart cabinet like in UAE, KSA and certain other Muslim countries.

Arslan Saeed said... [Reply]

I will have to say I don't know much about Musharraf's regime, but I remember his time was somewhat more secure, with seldom suicide bomb threats. However, it is also true that he has made grave mistakes; the reason why Pakistan is no more safe, lies with his government that mishandled the SWAT operation.

I have an Uncle in the Army, who was close to Musharraf, and even he said it was about time Musharraf stepped down.

Nevertheless, everybody deserves a second chance. Nawaz Sharif and PPP have had one too many.

Sana Tariq said... [Reply]

I second the opnion of Asim, the Jamia hafsa tragedy has proven to be a kind of Hamartia for Musharaf.He possesses the qualities of a leader like confidence, courage ,knowledge and an excellent ability to communicate but his undue bow towards Uncle sam reulted in disgrace.

floydian said... [Reply]

@Arslan Saeed
Yea his regime was more secure than the present one.

Here are some more highlights of his performance in the office.

Musharraf started bus service between the poople living across the LOC in Kashmir. This was the first opportunity in last 60 years to meet each others relatives and friends. Probably you can understand the feelings of a mother meeting with her son after so many years due to Musharraf rule.

Musharraf started trade with India and tried to normalize the relations with her. India is a sovereign country and we both should develop our relations instead of arising conflicts. Musharraf approach on raltions with India was very encouraging.

Cross border firing got an end in Musharraf rule. This was his big success. The people setting here in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi can not understand what cross border firing means? People were used to go out from home with out knowing whether they would be able to rejoin their family in the evening or not? Whether their house would still exist in the evening or not?

Musharraf tackled the earthqauck 2005 crisis very well. We received instant help from all over the globe. His foreign relations and standing in the international community came across to help at that time. His local government system played the role of host families which greatly aided the earthquake affected people.

Cosider how many Universities we had in 1999. Only 23 across the country and when Musharaff ended we had more then 150 universities.

Secondly, the number of P.hd scholars produced every year were very very low in 1999. In Musharaff rule the number raised to hundreds a year. The PPP government, instead of providing more efforts to promote education, cancelled program of Scholarship for PHDs.

Musharraf National Internship program was also having worth to be considered. Youth was given opportunity to learn and earn as well.

Even though his local government system had some bad things in it, it was a good initiative. It provided grass root level political empowerment to the people.

These are some of his goods not to be overlooked. However, every ruler has good and bad things. My intention is not to be blindly on side of Musharraf rather viewing him critically. He committed some blunders as well, no doubt. His mistakes have been listed above so no need to reproduce them here.

Sudheer Birodkar said... [Reply]

As an Indian, I must say that Musharraf was seen in India as a legitimate authority in Pakistan with which our Government could do serious business. His four-point formula to resolve the Kashmir issue was really a welcome change from Pakistan. Personally, I feel it was more practical and workable than any other alternate plan. Musharraf used to be one of the most talked about political figures in India. Indians are somewhat indifferent to the present regime in Pakistan.

floydian said... [Reply]

@Sudheer Birodkar

Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

Naseem said... [Reply]

The nation badly needs Gen Parvez Musharraf in this worst situation the country has been pushed into by the present incompetent rulers. Lest its too late...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Sharam Mugar Tujh KO Naheen Atee. Still u want to do more damage to Pakistan !

floydian said... [Reply]


There is no shame in standing up for one's country and doing what is right.